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Need a larger site with more pages or a more detailed website? Maybe a booking system or a more complicated solution. Just get in touch​.

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Brochure Website

A well branded detailed website. Could be up to 5 pages, one Large Scrolling design or a mixture. This allows for loads of different types of content and includes setup of customer data capture.

Price excludes Hosting fees & Domain purchases



One Page Scroller

A Simple one page website for people that need an online presence but only have a simple offering.

Price excludes Hosting fees & Domain purchases


Website Design

The most important thing about your website is that it is kept up to date and is representing your business accurately. There is nothing worse then when a website is clearly out of date, customers will think you really don't care or worse out of business. Either way you are missing out on that initial impact and first impression when your website is visited.

The second most important aspect is that your website is engaging and active. Visual content, email subscriber pop-ups for data capture, offers or incentives to encourage customers to engage with you through your website are great ways of achieving this.

Professionally designed websites for real life users.

Hosting & Maintenance

With our websites there are two ways of hosting and maintaining your new website.


1. Peace of mind & hassle free

We keep your site on our account and run it all for you.

You get all the hosting set up and connected through ourselves, this is checked monthly and we make basic changes & updates throughout the year when needed.  

Just £185 for 12 months at a time.

2. Run it Yourself

When your new site is ready it is transferred into a new Wix account and set up there for you to run yourself. We are always available to help you even if you do choose this option, but we will have to quote fees for any changes you might want help with.

You will pay Wix for your own hosting and domain package.

Websites should be active and up to date with your business activity, always displaying a strong accurate image to

your customers.

Does your website display your true business Personality?

Want to know more about our websites?

Please get in touch and let us know which package you think suits you.

Thanks! Message sent.

How we provide our websites

The biggest issue we come across with small business customers when it comes to their websites is they can't update them easily, or they are totally reliant on a relatively absent web designer to make any changes they need. This leaves them with out of date websites and very frustrated, especially if they have paid a high price for the creation of the website initially.

We design and provide websites through Wix who are an online website platform designed to make maintaining and updating your website easy and simple. We don't ever use any of their standard templates they offer, we design from scratch and custom for your needs. Every website we design is designed for the focus and needs of the customer, the process is as simple for you as having a leaflet designed. Forget the technical jargon we just speak human here at Brand It Up.

So why do we use Wix? Well it is quite simple, we want to give you all the power and confidence you will never be left with a website you can do nothing with. Whether you want to maintain your site yourself from the start or have us maintain it with you, it is always going to be under your control. At any time you want, it can be transferred to your own account with Wix and completely in your control.

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